from Lithuania to BEIJING

Wien -Villunis -St. Petersburg -Moscow- Iirkutsk -Beijing

the purpose of this trip: to go back my home in Tokyo through Russia!


i went to Lithuania from Warsaw by an overnight bus. If you go to Russia, you can get the Russian Visa here easily.I bought a thick fur court and many winter clothes at the second hand store in Villunis,because it was so much cold overthere!! To Saint Petersburg, I took a night train.



in front of Dostevsky statue. I was into his novels when i was teenager. He really was an expert in description of deep inside of human,right???

Chebrashka in the Kiosk 

It was so cold outside like minus 15 Celsius but they were selling hot breads outside.

feeding sparrows. i love birds.

have you known about the band KINO?graffiti on the wall of albert street, Moscow

gandhi-ji in front of the moscow unv.

from Moscow, i took the siberian railway. this one goes to Vladivostok, far east... it will take totally 7nights and 8days to get to the final destination from Moscow.

in the same compertment. you can buy beers,snacks at the station. also at the main stops, local ladies come up to sell their homemade breads, salads and pickles to passengers.someone told me that' those homedes are not so clean so try not to buy them' after i bought and ate them. taste great!!

in the siberian railway 'Russia'!

i stopped over at Irkutsk

Irkutsk,by the bikal lake