from LONDON to BEIGING through

London - Paris- Roma-Sicily-Firenze-Wien. 2002.8〜

the purpose of this trip: to see where i was born, and see Europe!

we both were in the US, Junki was in Indiana and i was in Arizona. we met at the london airport to start traveling!


this is the hospital where i was born!

Surry, England



There're many national trusts in england!

i loved those beautiful path.

Surrey, England



it is good to carry your own chopsticks always with you..,I'm having lunch with my chopsticks at the train station in london


easy helped our economies....we flew over Paris from London.

in Paris

we took an overnight train from Paris to Italy. we even went to Sicily! wow....

Leonardo da vinci statue and me (and something...gohst??)





After Italy, Junki went back to London and to USA. I started going to east. I went to Poland through Austria by the train.

This incinerator is Hundertwasser's design .

In Wien, i ofcourse did not forget to see Klimt's!!! so beautiful.


Warsaw, Poland


Krakow, Poland