I travelled,maybe more like wandered around in my 20's. Srtangely, as I started going on trip, my enthusiasm for the movie was totally gone,instead. Now all I earned was wasted in travel. These are pictures and sketches from my travel.

from London to Beijing through France, Italy, Austria,Poland and Russia,2002-2003

Asakusa, Tokyo and others

Rep. of Georgia,1997

Thai to India,1997 and 2001


Arizona, USA

Since I was raised in the city,Tokyo, I was intrested in the village lifestyle which I've never experienced. I know that we, mainly people in the big city have been polluted the air, water and the land but not even have learned from our past! Now it seems like we don't really care the future generation, we're just having fun and wasting things. No no no, I thought, we can still learn from our past, ansient wisdom or culture. They are huge and sometimes too old,unuseful,or full of myth, so we ofcourse don't need to follow but can't just dump them! We're missing the sence of animal and kinda getting lost. The human being is the animal too! I started going on travel to see villages where still have old custom, to see how they are ...

Now I am in 30's. Again strangely,my enthusiasm for travel was going down. Everytime I came back from my journey I used to say ' I quit wandering around anymore!! I swear I will be settled down!'. Was it true?I 'm not even settled down and still going to Arizona every year...